Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Temperature Monitoring System with MuseLab and ThingSpeak

Description: Using the Micro:bit extension parts: MuseLab and Environment and Science IoT Kit set up with a wireless connection with the temperature sensor to develop an IoT environment, we can obtain an instant graph of temperature change through the ThingSpeak platform.

School: Hong Chi Morninghope School, Tuen Mun (Special School)

ESP32-CAM as IoT Recording Tool

Description: ESP32-CAM is one of the IoT video recording tools. Setting up the ESP32-CAM board and the OV2640 with Arduino IDE, we can build up a video streaming web server and get access to our local network. By entering the ESP32-CAM IP address into the web browser, the camera can start recording. The main function of this setup is used for face recognition and detection.

School: Ying Wa Girls’ School (S1)

Temperature Monitoring System with Smart Science IoT Kit

Description: Smart Science IoT kit is a combination of different sensors, also including RTC timing and a WIFI module. It allows us to gather data via the sensors and send data to the cloud with more stable and accurate data analysis. We apply IoT:bit into our temperature monitoring system to bring up a new idea for aquaponics.

School: TWGHs C. Y. Ma Memorial College (S1)